The CSSCGC throughout the years:

I couldn't find any pages prior to 2000. Fear not, though, for Chris Young maintains the excellent Crap Game Finder, which has all the entries over the years.

And deKay has archived the results and entries of the 1996 to 2001 competitions here.

CGC Live on an LED Sign!

I admit that this is a bit (read: very) sad, but looky at the CGC being advertised on LED Live. Click the image for a (slightly) bigger version.


I had to create the "ZX Spectrum" bit as a graphic and tried to copy the Sinclair font. It got silly shortly afterwards:


But Finally....

...in the spirit of fair play that cost Britain an empire, here's a link to the comp.sys.cbm Crap Games Competition 2006, hosted by Cosine Systems. See? We're all mature, level-headed adults here (until the next flamewar that is.....)

comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition 2006