About The Competition

SheepdogIf you owned a ZX Spectrum, then chances are you also experienced the horror of the Cascade Cassette 50. A compendium of 50 games on one cassette, which had the more savvy Spectrum owners dubious from the start. Loading up one game after another, it became obvious that these doubts were well justified; less than 0.5% of the games on the cassette were actually any good. Just when you thought that those days had gone forever.... just when you thought it was safe to go back into "teh itnernet".... the comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition comes along and thwaps you round a bit with a mushy old haddock. So come on - relive the excitement, remember the highs and lows (mostly lows) of awful gameplay, bad programming and seemingly impossible plots. Ian Collier's 1999 winner "Sheepdog" (right) is a great example of this. It's all thanks to the mad-as-a-hatstand denizens of comp.sys.sinclair. There is no charge for this service.

War of the WorldsBasically, the idea is to make a really crap game. It has to be originally crap (or crappily original), not just unplayable and bug-filled. At the end of the whole sorry mess, the last one standing is declared the winner and gains the fame, kudos and wealth that comes with the title of: CSSCGC Winner. Due to lack of funds, we cannot afford to re-locate crap games programmers and give them new identities this year. You're on your own, chaps. Click here for this year's atrocities.

You can also be certain that some variation on the "Advanced Lawnmower Simulator" theme will also pop up this year, just like Ben Rapier's sneaky "War of the Worlds" entry from last year (left). Did anyone really fall for that? Well.... yes, but not for long.

History Of The Competition

This bit is "borrowed" from deKay's site.

It started back in 1996, when a crap game competition was decided upon between the regulars of comp.sys.sinclair following a suggestion by poster Lee Tonks (more commonly known as Blood). Drawing inspiration from Rich Pelley's Crap Game Corner from YS and the aforementioned Cascade monstrosity, it's gone from strength to strength (or something) over the years, with some of the worst games ever created being entered.

Because of it's ties with the Cassette 50, it is recommended that each game filename is only three letters long, to keep it in line with the Cascade original. Precisely why the Cascade tape had three letter filenames is unclear, especially since this caused a few duplicates.

It has also become tradition that the deadline for each year's competition is constantly re-evaluated throughout the year, and is regularly put back until 'later' :)

Other Stuff

As I said, some of the above stuff came from deKay's site. I believe that some of this may also have been written by Lee Tonks (Blood), Alistair Nelson and Graham Goring. Since even those who arrange and design shrubberies are under considerable economic stress at this period in history, we should also point out that all games are copyright their respective authors. Any errors, omissions or people I've forgotten to credit should be reported to me.

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