Ladies & Gentlemen, it's...... (cue the music) The comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition 2006. Yes, the time is upon us once again for the annual round of silliness that is the CGC, so let's see some really crap games this year. Over the past few years the crap games have actually been getting better (or worse, from the standpoint of the competition) - some have been downright playable and almost addictive! Stoppit!

Still wondering what all this CGC business is? Click here to make things clearer, or not. Here are some other CGC links.

The Games

Well... the 2006 compo is over, but fear not... click this link for the CGC2007 hosted by Chris Young. If you want to see the 2006 results then click here for the full list of the entries and see how they scored.

CGC News

With all the excitement of John Craven's Newsround - here is the news:

23rd April, 2007

It's all happening again! The crap games compo 2007 can be found: here!! Announced on the 25th anniversary of the world's favourite 8-bit computer.

7th March, 2007

Voting has finished! The winner is...... announced here!

8th January, 2007

Voting has started! Please visit the games page and cast your vote.

5th January, 2007

Due to my lazy-gittedness, the compo will now finish on the 8th January. It's tradition, or something.

14th September, 2006

Sorry for the delay in getting some recent games up on the site, but they're all there now and we're up to 29 games. Keep 'em coming!

26th June, 2006

The games continue to flow in - we're up to 15 as of today. The CGC is proving quite popular - the games page is getting between 60 and 100 hits a day and 32 countries are represented in the stats.

14th May, 2006

The results are in! The 2005 CGC judging has concluded and the results can be found here on deKay's site. My game, the Unusual Lumberjack Adventure, scored 5/10 - not too bad for a first attempt. But congratulations to the winner for an inspired piece of absolutely terrible game programming.

10th May, 2006

And the games have started to arrive. The first 4 games of the CGC are here! Only 1 is on the games page so far, but the other 3 will be there shortly. Already a new depth of crapness has been plumbed - it's looking good folks!

comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition 2006